​PEARLS are funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and are written by Prof Brian McAvoy, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland.

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Title PDF Date #sort ascending
Homemade spacers are effective in delivering bronchodilator therapy to children with acute wheezing or asthma PDF 07/2008 79
Antioxidant supplements do not reduce mortality PDF 06/2008 78
Individual patient education is effective for acute or subacute low-back pain PDF 07/2008 77
Chinese herbal medicine may be of benefit for angina PDF 07/2008 76
Surgery for rotator cuff disease is no more effective than active non-surgical treatment PDF 06/2008 75
Limited role for antibiotics post-tonsillectomy PDF 05/2008 74
Cognitive behavioural therapy a possible treatment option for some children with recurrent abdominal pain PDF 06/2008 73
Balance of risks and benefits unclear for dopamine agonist therapy in early Parkinson’s disease PDF 05/2008 72
Drug therapy effective for cancer related fatigue PDF 06/2008 71
Alendronate prevents osteoporotic fractures in at risk postmenopausal women PDF 04/2008 70
Mass media interventions are effective in changing smoking behaviour PDF 06/2008 69
Bromocriptine is effective in early Parkinson’s disease PDF 05/2008 68
Music therapy for depression may improve mood PDF 05/2008 67
No good evidence for effectiveness of over-the-counter medications for acute cough PDF 02/2008 66
Taxane containing chemotherapy is effective for women with operable early breast cancer PDF 05/2008 65
Hawthorn extract may have benefit as an adjunctive treatment for chronic heart failure PDF 05/2008 64
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have a small short-term effect on low-back pain PDF 05/2008 63
Cannabinoid type 1 receptor antagonists assist smoking cessation PDF 05/2008 62
Stretching does not prevent or reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness PDF 05/2008 61
Electromechanical assisted training improves walking after stroke PDF 04/2008 60
Multiple risk factor interventions for primary prevention of coronary heart disease have limited utility PDF 04/2008 59
No evidence supporting the use of antidepressants for non-specific low-back pain PDF 04/2008 58
Oral antibiotics are as effective as parenteral therapy in severe urinary tract infection PDF 04/2008 57
Hand washing is very effective in preventing diarrhoea PDF 04/2008 56
Exercise beneficial in fibromyalgia syndrome PDF 01/2008 55
Lay-led self-management education programmes can be effective PDF 04/2008 54
Psychosocial and psychological interventions effective for postpartum depression PDF 01/2008 53
Case management for people with substance abuse disorders can improve linkage with relevant services PDF 04/2008 52
Customised foot orthoses effective for pain due to pes cavus PDF 03/2008 51
Influenza vaccines may not prevent time off from influenza in healthy adults PDF 03/2008 50
Antibiotics or ‘watch and wait’ for acute otitis media PDF 11/2007 49
Antibiotics of limited use for most people with sore throats PDF 11/2007 48
Limited benefits from shared care in chronic disease management PDF 11/2007 47
Regular inhaled corticosteroids reduce exercise-induced asthma PDF 09/2007 46
Topical pimecrolimus is less effective for treating eczema than moderate and potent corticosteroids and tacrolimus PDF 02/2008 45
Chinese herbal medicine promising for menstrual pain PDF 02/2008 44
Antidepressants are effective for neuropathic pain PDF 02/2008 43
Insoles do not prevent back pain PDF 02/2008 42
Ginkgo biloba is probably not of benefit for cognitive impairment and dementia PDF 01/2008 41
Exercise improves balance in older people PDF 11/2007 40
Stimulating the involvement of older patients in their primary care may enhance their health PDF 01/2008 39
Aquatic exercise beneficial in knee and hip osteoarthritis PDF 11/2007 38
Personalised risk communication may have a small effect on increasing uptake of screening tests PDF 11/2007 37
Autoinflation for otitis media with effusion helpful in the short term PDF 11/2007 36
Skin grafting effective for venous leg ulcers PDF 05/2007 35
Prophylactic antibiotics in mammalian bites may prevent wound infection PDF 07/2007 34
Nasal saline irrigations effective for chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms PDF 09/2007 33
Stop using beta-blockers as first-line treatment for hypertension PDF 03/2007 32
Antihistamines and/or decongestants not recommended in children with otitis media with effusion PDF 03/2007 30
Antibiotics appear to have no benefit in treating acute laryngitis in adults PDF 04/2007 29