​PEARLS are funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and are written by Prof Brian McAvoy, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland.

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Title PDF Date #sort ascending
Psychosocial interventions do promote smoking abstinence in people with coronary heart disease PDF 06/2008 130
Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are effective for obsessive compulsive disorder PDF 06/2008 129
Mupirocin reduces infections in Staphylococcus aureus carriers PDF 11/2008 128
Beta-blockers can be used with caution in peripheral arterial disease PDF 10/2008 127
Probiotics not effective for eczema PDF 11/2008 126
Relaxation techniques have some benefit in depression PDF 11/2008 125
No evidence on effectiveness of smart home technologies PDF 11/2008 124
ACE inhibitors have a modest blood pressure lowering effect PDF 11/2008 123
Calcium antagonists are of no benefit in Duchenne muscular dystrophy PDF 11/2008 122
Renin inhibitors are effective in lowering blood pressure PDF 11/2008 121
Some evidence that acyclovir is effective for treating primary herpetic gingivostomatitis PDF 10/2008 120
Strategies for enhancing medication adherence not very effective PDF 10/2008 119
Antipsychotics useful as add-on therapy for acute and chronic pain PDF 10/2008 118
Unclear role for lumbar supports in low back pain PDF 10/2008 117
Lack of evidence for antiviral therapy in Ramsay Hunt syndrome PDF 10/2008 116
Evidence lacking on effectiveness of life skills programmes for chronic mental illness PDF 10/2008 115
No clear evidence of benefit for antimicrobial interventions in atopic eczema PDF 10/2008 114
Placental delivery with cord traction is more effective than manual removal at caesarean section PDF 09/2008 113
Exercise and diet are effective in preventing type 2 diabetes PDF 09/2008 112
Buprenorphine is effective maintenance treatment for heroin dependence PDF 08/2008 111
Interferon beta is effective for delaying progression to multiple sclerosis PDF 08/2008 110
No evidence that antenatal breast examination promotes breastfeeding PDF 08/2008 109
Antibiotics have a small treatment effect in acute sinusitis PDF 10/2008 108
Educational outreach visits can influence prescribing PDF 02/2008 107
Repetitive task training can improve functional ability after stroke PDF 02/2008 105
Balneotherapy may be beneficial for osteoarthritis PDF 02/2008 104
Lack of evidence to support treatment decisions for subclinical hypothyroidism PDF 10/2008 103
Custom-made insoles can reduce foot pain PDF 10/2008 102
Open mesh repair is more effective than open suture repair for incisional hernia PDF 10/2008 101
Combined inhalers are more effective for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but increase the risk of pneumonia PDF 10/2008 100
Occlusion and refractive correction are more effective than refractive correction alone in strabismic amblyopia PDF 09/2008 99
Limited evidence to support removable splintage for wrist buckle fractures in children PDF 09/2008 98
Low molecular weight heparin is more effective than vitamin K antagonists for venous thromboembolism in cancer patients PDF 09/2008 97
Intranasal corticosteroids may improve nasal obstruction symptoms in children with adenoidal hypertrophy PDF 10/2008 96
Culturally appropriate health education for type 2 diabetes is effective in the short-term PDF 09/2008 95
Exercise can help reduce cancer-related fatigue PDF 07/2008 94
No evidence of effective treatments for alopecia PDF 07/2008 93
Culture-specific programmes for minority groups who have asthma improve some outcomes PDF 07/2008 92
Antihistamines not recommended for prolonged non-specific cough in children PDF 09/2008 91
Insufficient evidence on bone scaffolding for distal radial fractures in adults PDF 07/2008 90
Heparins reduce the number of heart attacks after acute coronary syndromes PDF 07/2008 89
Little evidence of blood pressure benefits from relaxation therapies for hypertension PDF 07/2008 88
Five-alpha-reductase inhibitors reduce the risk of prostate cancer PDF 06/2008 87
Short-course antibiotic therapy appears effective for community-acquired pneumonia in young children PDF 08/2008 86
Aerobic physical activity improves cognitive function in older people PDF 08/2008 85
No evidence for antiepileptic drugs preventing seizures in people with brain tumours PDF 08/2008 84
Low dose aspirin is effective for secondary prevention of thrombosis in patients with polycythemia vera PDF 06/2008 83
Insufficient data on clinical effects of low level laser therapy for low-back pain PDF 08/2008 82
Physician advice alone has a small effect on smoking cessation PDF 08/2008 81
House dust mite control measures do not reduce asthma symptoms PDF 08/2008 80