​PEARLS are funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and are written by Prof Brian McAvoy, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland.

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Title PDF Date #sort ascending
Music interventions may be beneficial for coronary heart disease PDF 07/2009 180
Situations Midwife-led models of care beneficial PDF 07/2009 179
Bariatric surgery effective for obesity PDF 07/2009 178
Homoeopathic medicines have uncertain benefits in treatment of adverse effects of cancer treatments PDF 07/2009 177
Limited evidence for effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief in labour PDF 07/2009 176
Wrist acupuncture effective for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting PDF 07/2009 175
Corticosteroids and vitamin D analogues effective for chronic plaque psoriasis PDF 06/2009 174
No evidence for statins preventing dementia PDF 07/2009 173
Insufficient evidence on effects of advance treatment directives for people with severe mental illness PDF 06/2009 172
Street lighting may prevent road traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities PDF 06/2009 171
Kinship care can be beneficial for children removed from home after maltreatment PDF 06/2009 170
Magnesium sulphate effective neuroprotection for the foetus of women at risk of preterm delivery PDF 06/2009 169
Weak evidence for effectiveness of some pharmacologic treatments for suppression of lactation PDF 06/2009 168
How effective are pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for treatment of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)? PDF 06/2009 167
Some evidence for improved metabolic control in type 1 diabetes in adolescents with addition of metformin to insulin therapy PDF 05/2009 166
Insufficient evidence for benefits of very early mobilisation after stroke PDF 06/2009 165
Clinical trials subject to publication bias PDF 04/2009 164
Rehabilitation interventions effective for older people in long term care PDF 04/2009 163
Corticosteroid injections effective for trigger finger PDF 05/2009 162
School-based physical activity programmes have positive effects PDF 05/2009 161
Short course of antibiotics as effective as standard duration for streptococcal pharyngitis in children PDF 05/2009 160
Insufficient evidence for vision screening of older drivers preventing road traffic injuries and fatalities PDF 05/2009 159
Aciclovir effective in prevention and treatment of herpes simplex virus in patients being treated for cancer PDF 05/2009 158
Low glycaemic index and low glycaemic load diets effective for diabetes mellitus PDF 04/2009 157
Psychological treatments may be effective for managing irritable bowel syndrome PDF 04/2009 156
Anticholinergics ineffective for urinary symptoms in multiple sclerosis PDF 04/2009 155
Limited evidence for effectiveness of olanzapine in long term treatment of bipolar disorder PDF 04/2009 154
Insufficient evidence on effectiveness of antibiotics for lactational mastitis PDF 04/2009 153
Insufficient evidence on effectiveness of interventions for preventing weight gain after smoking cessation PDF 04/2009 152
Anticholinergics ineffective for urinary symptoms in multiple sclerosis PDF 04/2009 151
Anakinra effective in rheumatoid arthritis PDF 04/2009 150
Low molecular weight heparin effective for prevention of venous thromboembolism in patients with lower-leg immobilisation PDF 03/2009 149
Combined leg compression and anticoagulants effective in preventing venous thromboembolism PDF 11/2008 148
St John’s wort is effective for depression PDF 03/2009 147
Mechanical pumps are effective for expressing milk PDF 03/2009 146
Active management of labour is associated with a small reduction in caesarean section rate PDF 03/2009 145
Nebulised hypertonic saline effective for acute bronchiolitis in infants PDF 02/2009 144
Limited evidence for effectiveness of electromechanical and robot-assisted arm training after stroke PDF 03/2009 143
Touch therapies may have a modest effect in pain relief PDF 02/2009 142
Tonsillectomy or adeno-tonsillectomy effective for chronic and recurrent acute tonsillitis PDF 03/2009 141
No evidence for benefit of procaine in prevention or treatment of dementia PDF 03/2009 140
Exercise may improve depression PDF 01/2009 139
Limited evidence for the effectiveness of burn wound dressings PDF 01/2009 138
Grommets effective for recurrent acute otitis media PDF 01/2009 137
Increased police patrols may prevent alcohol-impaired driving PDF 02/2009 136
Limited evidence for honey in topical treatment of wounds PDF 01/2009 135
Systemic antibiotics do not improve healing of venous leg ulcers PDF 06/2008 134
Acupuncture effective for migraine prophylaxis PDF 03/2009 133
Early laparoscopic cholecystectomy beneficial for biliary colic PDF 01/2009 132
Cranberries can prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women PDF 06/2008 131