​PEARLS are funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and are written by Prof Brian McAvoy, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland.

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Title PDF Date #sort ascending
Multimedia educational interventions about prescribed and over-the-counter medications effective for consumers PDF 08/2013 399
Many pharmacological interventions effective for smoking cessation PDF 07/2013 398
Face-to-face interventions not shown to impact on immunisation status PDF 06/2013 397
Psychosocial interventions reduce antipsychotic medications in residential care homes PDF 06/2013 396
ACE inhibitors prevent diabetic kidney disease PDF 06/2013 395
No evidence that breathing exercises effective for dysfunctional breathing/hyperventilation syndrome PDF 06/2013 394
Acupuncture may be effective for fibromyalgia PDF 06/2013 393
Computer-based self-management interventions effective in diabetes PDF 05/2013 389
Topical corticosteroids effective for nasal polyps PDF 04/2013 388
Many interventions effective for actinic keratoses PDF 04/2013 387
All forms of nicotine replacement therapy effective for smoking cessation PDF 04/2013 386
Computer-generated reminders influence professional practice PDF 03/2013 385
Psychological therapies effective for pathological and problem gambling PDF 02/2013 383
Limited evidence for benefit of amitriptyline for neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia in adults PDF 02/2013 382
Oral treatments effective for tinea pedis PDF 01/2013 381
Mobile phone-based interventions effective for smoking cessation PDF 11/2012 379
Caution required with total disc replacement for chronic back pain PDF 11/2012 377
No evidence for topical preparations in preventing stretch marks in pregnancy PDF 12/2012 376
Citalopram effective for major depression PDF 09/2012 372
Insufficient evidence for exercise preventing gestational diabetes mellitus PDF 09/2012 371
Psychological interventions may be effective for non-cardiac chest pain PDF 09/2012 368
No benefits of omega-3 fatty acid on cognitive function in older people PDF 09/2012 367
Phone messaging increases attendance at healthcare appointments PDF 08/2012 366
Audit and feedback effective in improving professional practice PDF 08/2012 365
Domperidone can increase milk supply for preterm infants PDF 07/2012 363
Caffeine effective as an analgesic adjuvant PDF 07/2012 362
Mirror therapy improves motor function after stroke PDF 07/2012 361
Brief interventions may benefit heavy alcohol users admitted to hospital PDF 10/2009 360
Stem cell treatment improves heart function after myocardial infarction 03/2012 359
Longer-treatment regimen more effective for asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy PDF 01/2012 358
Limited evidence for exercise in smoking cessation PDF 03/2012 357
Electronic health records assist clinicians in smoking treatment PDF 02/2012 356
Interventions may reduce anxiety during colposcopy PDF 02/2012 355
Hydrogel may be effective for healing diabetic foot ulcers PDF 03/2012 354
Interventions for preventing childhood obesity effective PDF 02/2012 349
Evening dosing of antihypertensive drugs more effective in lowering blood pressure PDF 02/2012 348
Hyperbaric oxygen may be effective for acute coronary syndrome PDF 02/2012 347
Warm compresses and massage reduce perineal trauma PDF 02/2012 346
Psychological and educational interventions may prevent depression in children and adolescents PDF 01/2012 344
Mind–body interventions may be beneficial for pregnancy anxiety PDF 12/2011 342
Weight-reducing diets may be beneficial in hypertension PDF 12/2011 341
Insufficient evidence for low-dose brachytherapy in localised prostate cancer PDF 11/2011 340
Acupuncture or acupressure may relieve pain in labour 11/2011 339
Music interventions may benefit cancer patients PDF 11/2011 337
Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation effective for coronary heart disease PDF 11/2011 336
Limited benefit from statins in acute coronary syndrome PDF 09/2011 335
Limited evidence for targeting intensive glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes PDF 09/2011 334
Reduced and/or modified dietary fat may prevent cardiovascular disease PDF 10/2011 333
Nitroglycerin may be effective in management of retained placenta PDF 10/2011 332
Benzodiazepines effective for alcohol withdrawal syndrome PDF 09/2011 331